RUN Sponsor BluRay

RUN is currently on the Festival Circuit and unavailable to be seen by anyone except for sponsors, and by people attending the festivals.  However, for a limited time, you can become a sponsor of RUN and receive a pre-release Blu-Ray screener of RUN that won't be seen or sold anywhere else - EVER.  


The Sponsor-Edition RUN Blu Ray Includes:

1. A full-length high-definition (1080p 16x9) version of RUN

2. Deleted Scenes, with Commentaries

3. "The Making of RUN" - Behind the Scenes Featurette

4. The Original RUN Trailer

5. Director Commentary

6. Soundtrack Commentary by Director, JJ McMoon and RUN Score Composer, James Draper III




Official RUN T-Shirt - SOLD OUT!!!
For a limited time, you can be the proud owner of an Official RUN T-Shirt.  Made of premium cotton, your RUN T-Shirt will measure to standard sizes.  Please specify your size: S, M, or XL.

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