The simple concept hooked me. Working with my good friend and story and music partner, James Draper III, hooked me. But what hooked me most of all was the challenge of it. Could I not only make a compelling feature that kept the audience on the edge of their seats for an hour and a half, but could I film said feature with only a handful of actors, with 3 or fewer crew persons at any given time, outside, in under ten days, on an impossibly low budget?

It forced me to plan from the script on out. Every detail, from the progression of daylight in the story, to where the sun would be in the sky in order to maximize the light on each shot, to where our actors would be in public and yet not be crowded by unintended extras, had to be planned out and executed with precision. Equipment was minimal, not only because of the budget, but because the set was constantly in motion. Rebecca was always running, therefore we all had to run, too, and anything that wasn't absolutely essential would just weigh us down. We were guerrillas all the way, charging out at 5am and going home around 7pm, shooting over 1,100 shots in nine days in order to make this story come alive.

Stars Rebecca Turner and Richard Spencer gave world-class performances, while running in a set that spanned 10+ miles of downtown Richmond, Virginia. James Draper III wrote one of the most beautiful soundtracks, all while working 60+ hours a week at his day job. We all pulled together and created one of the most impressive independent films ever made, a film that looks as if it cost 1,000 times its actual budget, and would have taken larger productions many, many months to produce.  RUN is, by far, the most ambitious production any of us have ever pulled off, and soon, we'll finally be able to show it to you.  Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy the ride :-)

-JJ McMoon

Writer / Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

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